LifeStool Ep3:OOO 計畫發起人 陳靖雯 x Nicol Boyd

LifeStool 是一個有趣的私領域話題,如果你問如何展現最真實?我會說:「就直接進到那個人的家吧!」Ep3 一起來窺探這對蒐集癖夫妻的私領域展現!

LifeStool Ep2:刺青師 Ray & 工藝師 Nacu Dongi

LifeStool 是從「OOO 梣木凳」開始的生活練習企劃,試圖用 OOO 梣木凳將創意人串連在一起。Ep2 登場的是 THE BAY STUDIO 的刺青師 Ray 和 Kamaro'an 的工藝師Nacu ,讓我們跟著兩位創意人的腳步,一起窺看他們尋常或不尋常之生活樣貌吧!

LifeStool Ep1:Kwon Saem Coffee 主理人 鈞凱 & 織布的人 黃郁媚 Yu Mei

LifeStool|一張凳子,100 種可能性,是從 OOO 梣木凳開始的生活練習企劃,當所有人的理想型都在悄悄變化,生活的樣貌不斷被打破、重塑,與其受社群影響然後羨慕模仿,透過 LifeStool 企劃練習,我們讓一張在生活中經常被遺忘的物件「凳子」,進到不同創意人的場域中,一窺他們對生活的詮釋,這些尋常和不尋常的真實樣貌,提醒我們都應該更多觀看自己,而不是一昧向外尋求答案。

OOO Stool

一般人採購傢俱時,「凳子」通常是最後或根本進不到購買清單的品項。有趣的是,對 OOO 來說,這個似乎隱形的傢俱,卻是彈性用途最廣、也可能是最常跟主人產生互動的產品。平常不會刻意想到,但要用的時候能隨手一拉創造氛圍的多變個性,正是 OOO 選擇「凳子」做為第一件傢俱的原因:一件普通、但絕對可以讓生活出色的物件。


OOO Whisky Glass


Whisky Series

Approximately 8.2 x 8.2 x 7.35 cm in size, each piece is handcrafted from glass, so there may be slight variations. Heat-resistant from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, not microwave safe. Hand-cut and mouth-blown lead-free crystal glass.

OOO Whisky Story


Whisky Series

" OOO Late-Night Adventure Begins! スタート! " Whisky is born from the hearts of those who yearn for freedom amidst the vast mountains and oceans. So today, let's enjoy it with a sense of freedom and spontaneity!

OOO Tasting Tumbler


Whisky Series

Transforming international standard size into a narrow-mouthed, thick-bottomed drinking glass. Elevating the solemnity of fine drinking into a multi-dimensional, casual flavor in daily life.

Five Metal Shop 'Calendar Project 2024'


1 PC

【 Sold Out 】The Calendar Project by Five Metal Shop is an experiment to see how an almost obsolete object with a quiet cultural significance might be brought back and made relevant again in a modern context by using modern printing, papers, illustrations and design.

OOO Ice Cream Bowl


1 PC

The OOO Ice Cream Bowl has a simple, essential shape and stout character which emerged after many prototypes. It is handmade from the same high quality crystalline glass as our drinking glasses meaning each one is very slightly different.

OOO Ice Cream Spoon


1 PC

The OOO ice cream spoon is cast from solid stainless steel giving it a pleasing weight. It is designed to make each bite a little special.

OOO Bottle Opener


Sold Out

A solid stainless steel tool with a satisfying heft and a singular purpose. Inspired by an iconic typology, the simple but highly refined shape elevates this basic archetype from the mundane to the quietly remarkable.

OOO Stool Set


2 PC

OOO Stool X2 ( Olive Green +Leather ) OOO's first furniture, which with a unique two-tone polyester webbing seat stool will find a long term place in your home.