OOO is an evolving project exploring object culture, design and living.

We study typologies, traditions, materials and processes to understand more about objects which interest us, their meaning and the people who make and use them. Through OOO we hope to share new insights and creative ideas through the production of objects, media, publications, events and collaborations.

OOO was established by Chen Chingwen and Nicol Boyd, a couple who both also run their own independent design studios. The aim of this new collaboration is to enable exploration beyond the traditional boundaries of their design practice.

Chen Chingwen
Business Direction, Product Planning, Creative Direction

Planner and founder of Five Metal Shop, a branding and business design agency based in Taipei.

Chingwen is a business strategist with a creative mind. She and her team work with clients to identify, understand and solve strategic problems through design and design thinking. Over the years, Five Metal Shop has successfully worked with its clients to re-define their branding, expand international visibility and open doors to the possibilities of creative thinking in their business.

Chingwen envisions OOO as a poetic execution of a new business. A project which shares stories which excite people, initiates discussion and opens dialogue through the exploration of different projects and ideas.

Nicol Boyd
Creative Direction, Product Design and Product Development

Industrial Designer and co-founder of Office for Product Design, an internationally known design studio based in Hong Kong.

Nicol’s work is simple, logical and quietly thoughtful. Often inspired by seemingly unremarkable details, he is especially interested in understanding the context of objects, the functions they perform and the role they play in people’s lives.

For Nicol, OOO is an opportunity to explore observations, thoughts and insights and share the design ideas and objects they inspire in a way which is not always possible with his commercial clients.