OOO 330 Crystalline Glass


1 PC

A specially designed glass for the perfect serving of our beer. It’s simplicity belies the careful design consideration to shape, size, proportion and capacity which ensures maximum enjoyment of any drink.

OOO Serving Board


2 PC

[Preorder] A piece of ordinary wood panel, cutting two edges, a simple and easy to take up design, material chooses from the cypress with fine texture.

Bottle Opener + 330 Crystalline Glass Package



Limited quantity of the package including a OOO bottle opener and a 330 beer glass.

OOO Bottle Opener X 2



A solid stainless steel tool with a satisfying heft and a singular purpose. Inspired by an iconic typology, the simple but highly refined shape elevates this basic archetype from the mundane to the quietly remarkable.


Five Metal Shop 'Calendar Project 2022'



The Calendar Project by Five Metal Shop is an experiment to see how an almost obsolete object with a quiet cultural significance might be brought back made relevant again in a modern context by using modern printing, papers, illustrations and design.

FMS Calendar's Stand



FMS Calendar Accessories

OOO Tool Box


1 PC

OOO Nut Dish


2 PC