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OOO Stool


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OOO's first piece of furniture is particularly simple yet versatile wooden stool with an ash frame and a woven seat in a choice of materials.



Ash Wood Frame with Clear Coating/Hand Woven Seat



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OOO Stool

OOO Stool

OOO's first piece of furniture is particularly simple yet versatile wooden stool with an ash frame and a woven seat in a choice of materials.

Designed by Nicol Boyd

The OOO Stool is inspired by an industrial typology still used in factories across Taiwan today. At its core is a high quality structural frame with a carefully designed geometry and proportions. 

Each of the joints of the stool are CNC machined from ash wood then carefully hand assembled. The seat is hand woven on both sides of the wooden frame from one continuous 15m long strap. Creating the seat in this way provides comfort and a visual solidity not typically associated with weaving.

It is designed to be versatile and to quietly fit most environments and lifestyles. With time, signs of use and subtle changes in colouration become part of the unique character of each one.

The OOO stool is available in two versions- one with a unique two-tone polyester webbing seat and a second premium version in honey-coloured leather.

We hope it will find a long term place in your home.

Care & Maintenance

●  To keep the OOO Stool in perfect condition we recommend occasionally wiping it with a soft dry cloth. For stubborn marks we suggest a soft damp cloth with a small amount of mild detergent. Be sure to wipe away all of the moisture after cleaning with a soft dry cloth and allow the wood to air dry. The straps can also be wiped in the same way. 

The natural leather should be expected to darken with time and use and take on a rich patina but as with most leather products care should be taken to avoid marks and staining. If desired the leather can be treated with a leather conditioning product for furniture should it require rejuvenation.

The stool is supplied with adhesive felt feet. We recommend you apply these for use on hard flooring surfaces.



● OOO 梣木凳以原木材質製作,每一只木紋、生長故事皆有所不同,恕無法完全與照片一致,商品顏色請以實際收到的商品為主,若需要確認紋路,請至 OOO NOT-A-BAR 實體店面選購,不接受因紋路而欲進行退換貨,再請您見諒。

● 每只 OOO 梣木凳皆由工藝師手工打磨,木架有著細膩的手作痕跡,屬正常現象,若需要確認實體,請至 OOO NOT-A-BAR 實體店面選購。

● 天然牛皮每條色澤不同,若於網站下訂「淺蜂蜜色義大利天然牛皮」,會由專人聯繫確認皮紋細節;若需要確認紋路,請至 OOO NOT-A-BAR 實體店面選購,不接受因紋路而退換貨。

● 若同一筆訂單合併購買不同現貨與預購商品,會以該筆訂單最晚出貨日期之商品為準一併出貨;如欲個別出貨,請您務必分開下訂。

● OOO 將於收到您的訂單後 7 - 10 個工作天內,安排宅配送至您指定的收件地址。此商品無享有 1500 元免運優惠,台灣地區運費皆採「到貨付款」,運費規則詳情請詢問客服信箱。

● OOO 不支援美國運通卡。

● 香港、澳門地區之運費採用順豐快遞到付,提醒您,需寄往台灣與中港澳地區的包裹,請以中文填寫完整收件地址。

● 若配送時未能電話聯繫上收件人,您的貨品將會被退回物流中心等候聯繫確認後再次派送。若因收件資訊不正確或聯繫不上收件人,導致未能成功投遞且無法取得聯繫,訂單將被取消並退回訂單餘額(原訂單金額扣除來回運費)。

● 因各國進口關稅標準皆不同,若產生關稅或商品受到抽檢,其費用將由收件人負擔。若收件人不願取貨,相關費用或貨件遭銷毀、退回之損失,由購買人負擔。

● 我們出貨前皆會確認商品無瑕庛,並以緩衝材完善保護商品。若於運送中產生損傷,我們會為您向運送公司請求賠償。

● OOO 保留隨時變更調整、修正、終止活動內容之權利。